Area of Application :

This tools is considered as an aid to engineers, planners, and installation companies working with rockfall catchment fences. It has been designed to assist in the selection of an appropriate system and anchorage by verifying the acting energy, bounce height and anchor forces against the resisting criteria of the structure and anchors based on input parameters obtained during site investigation and modelling techniques, combined with characteristic data from rockfall catchment fence products. The process closely follows that of the ONR 24810 [1].


ONR 24810:

The ONR 24810 is a guildeline published in the year of 2013 by the Austrian Standard Institute that details procedures and design criteria for planning, constructing and maintaining mitigation measures for protection from rockfall. This comprehensive document is entitled: “ONR 24810, Technical protection against rockfall – Terms and definitions, effects of actions, design, monitoring and maintenance”. The section dealing with rockfall catchment fences uses information collected while certifying products after the guideline ETAG 027 [2] in order to verify design criteria of a system and its fitness for use.



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